angels - (n.)

\ān'j'ls\ - messengers, of God; spirits; persons of heavenly virtues or charms. -eSpindle

angels act best

who does the best [her] circumstance allows
- does well, acts nobly; angels could do no more.
- edward young, "night thoughts"

angelic apparition

an angel stood and met my gaze,
through the low doorway of my tent;
the tent is struck, the vision stays -
i only know she came and went.
- james russell lowell, "she came and went"

love and wisdom from God

because He is love in its essence, God appears before the angels... as a sun.
and from that sun, heat and light go forth; the heat being love and the light, wisdom.
and the angels [become] love and wisdom,
not from themselves but from the Lord.
- emanuel swedenborg, "angelic wisdom"

want to be an angel

i want to be an angel,
and with the angels stand,
a crown upon my forehead,
a harp within my hand.
- urania bailey, "i want to be an angel"

caring carriers

... there was a shift of stars, a glimmering of blue light,
and he felt himself surrounded by blueness and suspended.
a moment later he was deposited, with a gentle bump, upon the rock...
- ray bradbury, "the fire balloons"

sending good shivers

a shiver runs down your spine when you realize
it is not our imagination.
something is watching us out there.
- sophie burnham, "a book of angels"

guardian angel prayer

angel of God, my guardian dear,
to whom God's love commits me here,
ever this day be at my side,
to light and guard, to rule and guide. amen.
- traditional catholic prayer

be angelic

writ in the climate of heaven,
in the language spoken by angels.
- longfellow, "the children of the Lord's supper"

prayers bring angels

but if these beings guard you,
they do so because they have been summoned by your prayers.
- saint ambrose

children's saviors

... and i think that saving a child,
and fotching him to his own,
is a derned sight better business...
- john hay, "little breeches"

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